Quality Process Control

How do we control the integrity of the weld on our tubes?

Each of our Mills is equipped with the most advanced technology to monitor in real time the integrity and quality of our tubes

Thermal Profile Scanner (TPS)

We use The Thermo Profile Scanner to record welding irregularities from the temperature field of the welding seam that is solidifying, since the characteristics of the temperature field and the seam quality are directly correlated, seam irregularities such as weld penetration, offset, holes, will be detected.

Weld Inspection System WI3000

We also added to our quality control process a precision laser-based 3D inspection system to detect quality issues related to forming on the welding process, which allows us to inspect the weld geometry of the tube

Eddy-Current Testing

Eddy current testing has become one of the most important testing methods used by industry today. We use it for Final testing and quality assurance in the production of our tubing,    It provides mill operators with immediate feedback on product integrity, allowing correction of process changes before scrap develops or serious overhauls are required.